Resilient Communities Fund

In partnership with the New Mexico MainStreet Program and the McCune Charitable Foundation, the Resilient Communities Fund provides support to locally-driven, community-based economic development projects statewide. Awards are made in the areas of design and planning, organizational capacity building, marketing and promotions, business development, civic/youth engagement, and environmental stewardship.

Leadership Development

The New Mexico Resiliency Alliance believes that leadership development is an essential strategy that creates a mentality of abundance and opportunity and empowers local leaders to become change-makers in their communities. The Alliance is the fiscal sponsor for the statewide Building Creative Communities conference and similar leadership and networking opportunities.

Policy & Advocacy

The New Mexico Resiliency Alliance's policy research and advocacy work focuses on interdisciplinary, asset-based strategies to build economic resilience, recognizing and building upon the unique strengths of New Mexico's communities to increase the local capacity to adapt and thrive despite changing economic conditions.